Internal Medicine


... to the practice of Internal Medicine of Medical Team 42 in Boeblingen.

We invite you to learn more about our office on this Web site and to gain a deeper insight into our activities and efforts for our patients.

Our office is specialized in the medical prevention of the inner organs of the body: The team of doctors has made it their goal to detect weak points of the body at an early stage. Through targeted early diagnosis during a health check we can recognize, treat and even prevent the onset of diseases in an early stage. Therefore our preventive care programs serve the early diagnosis and prevention of cancer and cardiovascular problems, which are the leading causes of death.

We offer the most modern technology, well-founded diagnostics and the top scientific treatment options. The experienced specialists Dr. Klaus Fritzsche and Dr. York Glienke are dedicated to you and your health with much empathy and they will discuss your health concerns and problems with you without any rush.
The spectrum offered by the practice of preventative internal medicine is an extension of the family practice of the Medical Team 42. It is geared towards private patients and those individuals that place a value on their well-being.            
The health-check recommended by most insurance plans is often insufficient in its scope and frequency. You have the option – offered because of countless requests – to intensify your health management in our medical office and thereby to arrange for the necessary number of additional tests. Further information is located here. 

Our doctors, specialized in preventative medicine, will conduct an extensive initial conversation with you, followed by a bodily exam and medical diagnostics; then they will discuss the results of your health check with you extensively. This includes intensive counseling towards a health-conscious lifestyle with recommendations for healthy nutrition, sports, exercise and stress reduction.

We can certainly find a suitable day and time for an appointment with you. Our optimized scheduling system ensures no wait times for you.

On the following pages we want to introduce our team to you, give you an overview of our modern diagnostics equipment and present our health management program to you.

Dr. med. friedrich bäuerle
Doctor of Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine
Dr. med. klaus fritzsche
Doctor of Internal Medicine and practicing Family Medicine