Pediactric Medicine

Dr. med. Silke glienke

Doctor of Pediatrics and Youth Medicine
with an emphasis on homeopathy

Dear parents, dear kids and teenagers,

welcome to the Pediatric Clinic of the Medical Team 42 in the Poststrasse in Boeblingen.

We invite you to learn more about our special services for pediatric and youth patients and to gain more insight into our activities for our patients and their parents.

Well taken care of. 

The goal of Medical Team 42 is the family medical care from the newborn to the end of life: Medical care in one place means efficient medical care.

Crucial in the framework of family medical care is the proper care for young patients by a Doctor of Pediatrics and Youth Medicine. As such, Dr. Silke Glienke is an integral part of the interdisciplinary approach of Medical Team 42.

To further strengthen their service, Medical Team is offering their patients osteopathy and diet counseling. By offering access to all important diagnostic medical devises, we can offer the full diagnostic spectrum.

In our treatment approach, we use a holistic treatment concept that combines physical and emotional problems. Homeopathy is an important building block of our therapeutic concept that is offered by Dr. Silke Glienke.

Well Child Check up schedule

Children and adolescents are not small adults, so their medical treatment should be done by a doctor specializing in Pediatric and Adolescent

Medicine. A particular focus in childhood and adolescence is the recognition of developemental delay and growth failure, so that we want to create a warm relationship.

  • U1 (immediately after birth)
  • U2 (3rd to 10th day of life), on request as a home visit
  • U3 (4th to 6th week of life)
  • U4 (3rd-4th month)
  • U5 (6th-7th month)
  • U6 (10th-12th month)
  • U7 (21-24th month)
  • U7a (34.-36. month)
  • U8 (46.-48. month)
  • U9 (60.-64 month)
  • U10 (6-7 years)
  • U11 (9-10 years)
  • J1 (13 years)
  • J2 (16 years)