Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery


The shape of your face and your facial features change over the years. Traces of aging are visible which is a natural process. 

Because we often feel younger and more vital than we look, some people are bothered by the signs of age. The formation of wrinkles, loss of elasticity of the skin, loss of volume in the cheeks are just a few examples of things that can be changed by conservative as well as surgical options for plastic surgery.


A facelift (rhytidectomy) will achieve significantly longer lasting results than a non-surgical face lift. A distinction can be made between a facelift and a brow lift. In a regular facelift, the tissue is tightened at the temples, cheeks and neck region. 

By modeling and tightening the tissue under the skin, called the SMAS, your face will get a younger and fresher look. When performing a mini facelift, the tightening is done at the temples and cheek region without treatment to the neck region. 

The preservation of natural character and individual facial features is a top priority for each of these interventions.

Forehead Lift

A forehead lift will achieve raised eyebrows and the forehead wrinkles will be smoothed. Both make the eyes look bigger and more awake, and the entire face looks younger and more present. 

There are different techniques for a face lift. For example, an endoscopic procedure can be selected or a so-called open brow lift which uses a transverse cut at the hairline. 

The hospital stay for these procedures is usually 3-4 days.

Upper / lower eyelids

The eyes give our face its individual character, and it is through our eyes that we are in contact with our environment. Radiant, open eyes are sympathetic and fresh. Heavy eyelids, eye bags or drooping eyelids look tired and most often can be surgically corrected very well.

Excess skin and any excess fatty tissue is removed, tightening the lid. In the upper eyelid the scar runs in the crease of the eyelid and just below the lashes. 

Both procedures are done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with sedation if necessary. After just one week, you will notice a significantly positive effect on your appearance.

Ear correction (creation of the ears)

Some children and adults suffer from the appearance of their ears. If there is a desire to change, the operation can be performed after careful consideration of both local anesthetic as well as general anesthesia. 

It is recommended in children that even for a short 1-2 hour procedure that general anesthesia is used. Adults can be operated under local anesthesia.

Earlobe correction

We also offer you the correction of the earlobe. Some people are bothered by earlobes they feel are too big, too small or uneven. 

Talk to us, we will advise you.

Lip shaping

Beautiful, full lips stand for sensuality and can be eye-catching. Even the smallest changes in proportion and shape can affect our appearance. 

Of course it is also possible to correct existing scars or asymmetries. Each enlargement and shaping should look as natural as possible. We provide you with all the non-invasive and surgical options.