Elena Kuklina

Elena Kuklina was born in Kyrgyzstan.
Initially she worked at the Kyrgyzstan Scientific Cardiological Research Institute,
first in the department for functional diagnostics, then she completed her training as a cardiologist.

In the Kyrgyz National Center, she was employed as a specialist in cardiology and internal medicine.
In 2004-2005 she completed her year of approval to work in Germany at the Saarbrück Clinic. After her approval, she worked as an assistant doctor in the Ottweiler district hospital.

 Other professional positions includ employment as a ward doctor in Blieskastel, then as a doctor in a general practice physician in Völklingen.
In 2013, Ms. Kuklina qualified as a general practitioner.

She has been part of the medical team 42 since March 2020.